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Bishop SMP Family Bishop SMP Family



OLLIE HUGHES has a wealth of Harley Street experience, Ollie has become renowned as the most seasoned practitioner currently operating in London. One of the innovators of the natural hairline; Ollie even decided to name his company Appear Natural as a homage to his work ethic. The detail and realism in Ollie’s work demonstrates an undoubted passion for his craft. He has a number of high profile clients to his name and with results like Ollie’s, it’s easy to see why. During his time practicing in London’s medical capital, Ollie Hughes became renowned as one of the countries’ leading scalp micropigmentation practitioners. Since becoming a specialist technician, Ollie’s flair for creating the most natural looking hairlines has set him apart in the industry. He is notorious for his consistent perfectionism and high quality, ensuring that his customers always leave delighted, with a new found confidence. Having been through the scalp micropigmentation process himself, Ollie has a personal and compassionate understanding of his customer’s anxieties. Hair loss is often a difficult and stressful experience so Ollie’s personable nature is a real asset in helping the client through the process. Understanding that scalp micropigmentation must be tailored to suit each separate client individually, he will advise and guide the customer in terms of which hairline, shade and density will suit them specifically. Having trained numerous practitioners, Ollie has a succinct and technical method of explaining exactly which factors are needed to create a natural looking treatment. When meeting him, clients are always impressed by Ollie’s professionalism and wealth of knowledge in the field.



MARC ALLEN is a former barber to the stars and multiple salon owner. 25 years of creating new and exciting styles, touring with pop stars and working on music video sets in the men’s hair industry led Marc to the world of SMP where he literally thought ‘let me see what I can do with this?’ Creative Scalps was born and Marc started his journey from rookie artist to UK’s #2 at the World Scalp Awards 2019 in just 2.5 years! Marc’s hairline creations have become world famous as he pushes the boundaries and continues to create and innovate in this new exciting industry.

Will Quaye


WILL QUAYE exploded on the smp scene in 2019 where he quickly became recognised by his peers for his hunger and passion to his craft. Will first found himself stepping into the industry due to his mother battling hair-loss, keen to find a solution he came across smp whilst his partner Claire was at one of the UK’s leading Micropigmentation conferences ‘MPUK 19’ Claire believed Will had the qualities to succeed in smp; Four weeks later it was go time! Will’s crusade for continued personal development burns bright, with his constant drive to achieve excellence. Will has fast become one of the uk’s well respected artists, his attention to detail is second to none, producing soft, natural and detailed smp for his clients each and every time. In 2020 we saw Will become a finalist for Best scalp tech at the MPUK’20 awards, Best scalp tech UK at the Teresa Wild PMU conference, and Rising star at the Meeting of Minds ‘20 and walking away as the winner for ‘Best SMP’ at the PMU Circle awards.


HEADLINER SMP • California

DAVID HOFFER has been in the scalp micropigmentation industry since 2013 and has had over 750 clients so far (and counting). He has received multiple awards and accolades as one of the BEST SMP artists in the world as recognized by his professional peers. David has also worked with charitable organizations dealing with children with Alopecia and Alopecia Awareness. His passion for helping others, along with his genuine caring and level of perfection is what keeps men and women coming to him to perform their procedures with the utmost level of artistry, consideration and sincerity. David is an internationally recognized educator in the field of Scalp Micro Pigmentation as a master trainer with the world renowned ScalpCo Academy, 2X winners of the World Trainers of the Year for 2018 and 2019. His one on one approach and small teacher/student ratio allows him to focus attention to each pupil in order for them to achieve the best training possible. Being the very first cosmetic tattoo artist to work directly with Franco Vescovi to receive the Certificate of Participation with the launch of the WAND and help propel BISHOP SMP as a world leader, is his most honored achievement.



TYLER BENNET, Co-Founder and Master Artist at SMP Ink, with his Bachelors degree in Psychology and his passion for helping others, knew he wanted to do more. In 2017, Tyler decided to take the step to do something about his hair loss. He researched extensively, tried hair transplants and other products to slow down his hair loss. Nothing worked. He finally discovered micropigmentation and found it was the best decision he’s ever made. His hair is now full, his confidence is restored, and most importantly, it led Tyler to a new passion. He decided to learn the art of SMP. After starting as a Master Artist for Full Micropigmentation, he was awarded the opportunity to start his own business with the world renown, Marvin Furrow. Tyler worked to make a positive impact on the world and change people’s lives for the better, helping them regain their self-confidence. Tyler currently lives in Las Vegas running now one of the most known SMP companies SMP INK. He has created a name for himself in the community by being recognized and trusted by celebrities. Tyler spends a lot of his time now teaching and traveling to tradeshows for demonstrations and keynote speaking. SMP INK has grown to 4 locations spreading across the US in 4 different states with more on the way. Tyler is dedicated to his craft and pushing the industry into the future!



MARVIN FURROW, Co-Founder and Master Artist at SMP Ink has been performing scalp micropigmentation for over four years. He puts his creative mind and adventurous spirit into everything he does. Marvin's enthusiasm shows with every procedure he does. His experience and passion about scalp micropigmentation is why SMP Ink is one of the most trusted and sought after companies in the United States. Marvin lives an exciting, high-energy life. His father served as a Chief Master Sergeant in the Air Force, which led him to many interesting destinations around the world, internationally and domestically. Coming from a military family, adaptation was instilled in Marvin at a very young age. He learned to integrate with many cultures and people from numerous regions, learning how to communicate with and respect everyone—no matter who they are or where they’re from. After establishing roots in Las Vegas, Marvin was presented with a unique opportunity, to act as Co-Founder and Master Artist at Full Scalp Micropigmentation. He accepted; the position aligned perfectly with his artistic talent and desire to help others. Marvin worked with Full from 2015-2018, until he was drawn to a different path—founding SMP Ink. Marvin worked with his partner, Tyler, to create SMP-Ink, opening several locations around the country and expanding his reputation as one of the leading SMP artists in the world. Marvin has performed scalp micropigmentation on hundreds of heads. He’s also trained clients who went on to create their own companies. He’s worked with many clients, even A-List celebrities, who needed his skills to help regain their confidence.



Billy's journey started in 2017 with the opening of ScalpKliniken in Sweden. Since he was new to the SMP industry and one of the very few, if not the only clinic in Sweden back then, Billy knew he had to be good to be at the top and be the best in his country. He is self taught in the beginning, with his passion for helping others as his primary motivation and spend every waking minute researching and applying different techniques that he wanted to mimic. Soon afterwards, Billy received full training from a very well established American artist, who quickly realized Billy's amazing talent and potential to be a great SMP artist. With 100% of his efforts focusing on customer service and his strive to be the best, Billy's main goal was to make each and every client feel special. Billy quickly became a household name in Sweden as the go-to SMP artist because of his attention to detail. Now, 5 and half years later, with over 3300 sessions already performed, Billy offers Masterclasses to bring scalp micropigmentation standard to a higher level in his country. Scalpkliniken is now the biggest and leading SMP clinic in Sweden and he see clients from all over the country. "Today i am truly thankful for everyday and love my Job and everything about SMP"



Mav Rico is relatively a newcomer in the scalp micropigmentation industry who quickly made a name for himself as one the best new SMP artists to come from Asia and received accolades from respected big names in the industry for his stunning works despite being a rookie.

Mav’s began his journey in the industry as a client himself. After seeing the incredible transformation first hand, he made a life-changing decision to put up his own scalp micropigmentation clinic in the Philippines and get trained under one of UK’s leading SMP training brands. He also complemented his training with a true Level 4 certification in Scalp Micropigmentation that cemented his reputation as a highly skilled SMP practitioner. In June 2019, he officially opened the doors of his clinic to the public. In just one year, he was able to single-handedly perform scalp micropigmentation treatments to around 230 clients.

His genuine love for the craft and compassionate understanding of his clients’ hair loss predicaments made him strive to do better everyday. In a very short period of time, he has mastered delivering natural looking results and age appropriate hairline designs. He is also notable for beautifully fixing a number of botched scalp micropigmentation work of others and perfecting concealment of FUE and FUT scars of former hair transplant recipients.

Mav was nominated for 2020’s Rising Star Award in Scalp Micropigmentation Meeting of Minds.



Caitlin James entered the health and beauty industry back in 2005 after completing her diploma of beauty therapy. From here the passion for making people feel good about themselves began. Like many can relate to, it is an addictive feeling knowing you have helped someone. Caitlin has always worked hard to achieve a high standard in all that she does and over the next few years moved into providing beauty from a Cosmetic Surgery practice and was offered the position to become a hair transplant assistant. There was something about the repetitive and monotonous work, paying extreme attention to detail in the clinical setting that she loved. Fast forward 11 years and as she steps away from the hair transplant world, in 2015 she began her next career path in Scalp MicroPigmentation. Today her SMP results, hair loss knowledge and client care have made her a leading authority in the Scalp MicroPigmentation world in Australia and internationally. 2016 winning Best Procedure award Australia, 2017 Australian Artist of the Year, 2018 Top 5 finalist for Best procedure award and 2019 Australian Artist of the Year. In 2018 she joined the Scalp Co. Team and is a trainer in Scalp MicroPigmentation Australia sharing her passion and a supporter of the Bishop products and SMP Wand.

Anita Gardso


Since completing an International Diplomas in Physiatrics, Aestheticienne, Beauty Therapy and Special Effects Make-up in 1994, Anita continued her studies while living in the USA and UK for 3 years. She has worked, managed and trained staff worldwide within medi-spas and laser clinic industry. More recently Anita owned and operated a successful business of 9 years specialising in dermal treatments. “It’s all about a natural look and getting the hair line just right for each individual”. In 2008 her passion and attention to detail led to specialising in cosmetic tattoo. Although a love for all things skin and cosmetic tattoo, Anita found in consultation her clients were concerned about thinning, loss or little to no hair which led to her training in SMP. In 2015 Anita advance her skills set and became a qualified SMP scalp micro-pigmentation practitioner. Anita prides herself on providing a professional and discrete treatment with a relaxed atmosphere for clients. She is known for taking as much time as needed when perfecting a hairline. Anita’s other passion is for animal rescue and is a volunteer for the RSPCA.

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